STREAMERS: a Corona Sculpture with integrated live video streaming
(planned for Vienna, Jan 27 — May 31, 2022).

The structure is copy of the orginal Pest Sculpture
(Pestsäule : Dreifältigkeitssäule) situated on the Viennese Graben.

ThePlague Column(German: die Wiener Pestsäule), or Dreifaltigkeitssäule), is located on the Viennese Graben. It was erected after the Great Plague epidemic in 1679

Project website:

Streamers is also built as a participative public sculpture made out of recycled loudspeakers, tube radios, hifi furniture and modern interactive media. SPEAKERS SCULPTURES are interactive sound sculptures by Berlin-based Franco-American artist Benoît Maubrey. They are conceived on site and reflect their local environment and are constructed from up to 3000 recycled loudspeakers (all connected). The sculptures can function both as a mobile “Speakers Corner“ — a “hotspot“ for local participation and self-expression but also as a forum for small events and concerts.

The public, local artists, musicians, choral groups and organisations can participate by relaying songs and messages via Bluetooth and individual Smartphones, or by connecting their devices, microphone, and instruments via a direct “line in.” People can also call up the sculpture via two telephone numbers and talk through it for 3 minutes. Also “Audio “ twitter messages are played live through the sculpture. Additionally it can be used as PA system for events, DJs, and small concerts. During the exhibition of the sculpture the public can also access the site via Streaming video.