Performer with backpack-style loudspeaker and microphone mask.

“Fred” changes his feedback effects via movement and his own voice.

Over the years some of the Audio Gruppe’s members have developed solos with a particular instrument: certain costumes have muted into highly individualistic and self-contained sound units. These are individual “phonic” bodies that produce their own personal sounds and movements in intimate and close-to-the-spectator performances.
An essential figure is Feedback Fred. This character, equipped with an oversized loudspeaker box on his back and a microphone-mask, “feeds back“ his own voice through the interaction of his wearable PA system and physical gyrations throughout the performance space. This personality can be likened to a cross-cloning of Hamlet and an electronic-laden Hunchback of Notre Dame. Known as a performer (recently at the Digital Arts Week in Zurich and VERSCH Festival in Amsterdam) he is actually a social fellow trying to interact with casual acquaintances and everyday encounters, like most of us he only wants friendship and love — were it not for his inborn handicap.




Feedback Fred. Spiral Hall, Tokyo, 1997.
Performer with microphone face mask and loudspeaker box.

Feedback Fred. Sound and Movement Conference, Free University Berlin 2001.
Performer with microphone face mask and loudspeaker box.

PDF: Feedback Fred