A field is „planted“ with 48 recycled loudspeakers as archeological artifacts. The loudspeakers „talk“ and „sound“. The loudspeakers are half-buried in the earth and connected to 4 amplifiers equipped with SD cards with voice samples. There are 4 rows corresponding to 4 channels.

The 12-volt system is powered via photovoltaic cells.
The sound : local recordings in the dialect of Schwabische Alb (Hülben in Baden-Württemberg) from 1940s and 50s (birthday, wartime letter, folksong, New Years celebration…)


BenM_interim_mh-135_2000 IMG_4802 FIELD | Photo Horst Rudel IMG_4801 IMG_4809 DSC03280 DSC03264 DSC03263-Kopie IMG_4816 DSC03259 dav IMG_20170907_122558

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