GATEWAY, commissioned by MaerzMusik/Berlin 2014, is made of 700 recycled loudspeakers integrated into the entrance lobby of the Haus der Berliner Festspiele. The sculpture itself functions as a single multi-channel loudspeaker, all loudspeakers are connected. However it is noticeable that the sound is different according to the position of the listener: each loudspeaker emits a unique sound.


Fotos: Benoìt Maubrey (5), Frank Paul (4)

Sound: 4 radios emitting low-level “white noise” , an answering machine answers the calls and automatically relays the calls (limited to 3 minutes). Visitors are also encouraged to participate by creating music with their smartphones and “broadcasting“ them “live“ via Bluetooth receivers installed in the sculpture. Also the sculpture is available as PA systems for other public events and concerts during MaerzMusik 2014

PDF download: SCULPTURES.pdf