Folklore costumes equipped with loudspeakers, samplers, receivers, and sound-to-light LED systems.
Project commissioned in 2010 by the OBART festival in Kirschau/Saxen. Electroacoustic folklore costumes, hats (“Hauben”) that play local Sorbian* music. The costumes are also equipped with LED sound-to-light light technology that allows them to “light up” as they play their original Sorbische instruments and songs.
*During the 6th century A.D., the Sorbs arrived in the Western part of what is now Germany. In the North, the area of their settlement reached Berlin. In 631 A.D., for the first time.



In September 2011 The same technology was used in cooperating with the Plantagenets folklore ensemble during the Accroche-Coeurs Festival in Angers.The LED technology was adapted to their costumes and umbrellas. The sound of their accordion player was played “live” through the costumes.

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Sorben 3000:


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