Project for the Sound Art exhibition at the ZKM / Karlsruhe.

Materials: 3000 recycled loudspeakers and assorted electronic parts, 10 recycled amplifiers, 10 recycled radios/tuners, 1 mixing board. Sound: “white noise” from radio receivers and people’s voices. Starting March 16th 2012 by calling the German telephone number 0721 – 8100 1818 , people can express themselves freely through the sculpture for 3 minutes).

In ancient Greek architecture, a “THOLOS“ was a circular building, with a conical or vaulted roof, with or without a peristyle, or surrounding colonnade.  With the passing of time, the THOLOI developed into becoming a sacred place for communicating with the Gods, the symbol for contact beyond the realms of people’s imagination.
My Temple  at the ZKM is a copy the Greek Temple at  Delphi constructed from recycled loudspeakers that are soldered together as an “active” public sound sculpture.

ZKM: Sound Art. Klang als Medium der Kunst


PDF download: SCULPTURES.pdf