LIBERATOR by Benoit Maubrey

a Speaker Sculpture at the Open Art Biennial in Örebro Sweden
on June 15th to Sept 30th 2024

An interactive sound sculpture made of 400 connected loudspeakers built around an older sculpture “ Befriaren“

The public is invited to express themselves on the theme of “Liberation“ (or anything else).

They can participate via a number of ways:

— by calling one of two telephone numbers and expressing themselves for 3 minutes:
+46 76-531 26 86
+46 76-531 26 82

— via Bluetooth and individual Smartphones they can relay songs , music and messages to the sculpture.

— via a direct line in (plug and play) they can connect their laptop, microphone and musical instrument directly to the sculpture and express themselves live.

Functioning hours: 11am to 5 pm


LIBERATOR by Benoit Maubrey

LIBERATOR by Benoit MaubreyLIBERATOR by Benoit MaubreyLIBERATOR by Benoit Maubrey